Sketch 19: Titanic

Well, this film taught me what sketching actually was. “Draw me like one of your french girls, Jack”, lol. This 1997 epic romantic feature is really close to my heart, and it only seemed fair that I try and return the favor in at least some way. 😛

Sketch 18: Mumbai

 #15MinutesSketch I know it has been quite a while since I uploaded anything, so here goes – Don’t really know why, but I was really missing Mumbai this morning. The sketch was probably as rough and random as it gets, but there’s something about it that just seems peaceful. Took me just a little over…

Sketch 17: The Streets.

“Most people quiver from even the slightest touch of monochromaticity in their lives. But not these little angels – to them, their world is whole and myriad in shades – almost as much as they are. They don’t seek solace in worldly pleasures, but instead only in each other.” Caption credits: Priyanjali Rowchoudhury. Sketching credits:…

Sketch 15: Kamath Circle

 Kamath Circle, Manipal. To almost every MITian, this is the most familiar sight throughout their duration in Manipal. It’s said that some journeys take you farther from where you came from, but closer to where you belong.Manipal, you shall be missed 😀