Digital Painting: Mumbai, on the other side.

On the other side of those tinted glass windows of my car, stood a boy who grew up on the pavement. I’d be sitting in my car while he’d knock from the other side every single day, and in my mind I would end up forming a picaresque tale about this young man’s escapades since birth….

Harry Potter Tribute Series

Fellow Potterheads & Non-Potterheads as well, I put myself through a 24 hour challenge to design artwork for all 7 titles in the Harry Potter saga on my page – yep, digital paintings/artwork that try to recapture the magic of the widely loved phenomenon. It came out way better than I was expecting, so do check it out and…

Manipal Tribute Series.

Having just passed out of Manipal Institute of Technology, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia. No more leaky rickshaw rides in the Manipal rains, no more running around to your favourite hangout spots with your chums, no more Saturday night crazy acts, no more secretly snacking with your peeps amidst lectures in…

The Mummy: Digital Painting

Digital Painting Poster: The Mummy (2017) Princess Ahmanet – “She is real.” Universal Studios decided to start a reboot-dark monster franchise, but the movie that was supposed to kickstart that franchise was both a critical & a commercial failure. Regardless, I made this a few days before the movie came out.