Sketch 17: The Streets.

“Most people quiver from even the slightest touch of monochromaticity in their lives. But not these little angels – to them, their world is whole and myriad in shades – almost as much as they are. They don’t seek solace in worldly pleasures, but instead only in each other.” Caption credits: Priyanjali Rowchoudhury. Sketching credits:…

Sketch 15: Kamath Circle

 Kamath Circle, Manipal. To almost every MITian, this is the most familiar sight throughout their duration in Manipal. It’s said that some journeys take you farther from where you came from, but closer to where you belong.Manipal, you shall be missed 😀  

Game of Thrones: The Mad Queen

You don’t get to be called the Mad Queen without blowing off hundreds of people in the Sept of Baelor. Until we see Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryan, Tyrion and all the other major players return for the upcoming penultimate season of Game Of Thrones, here’s my tribute to what was possibly the craziest…

Top Gun (1986) Design

Just for those pure adrenaline pumping visuals, cinematic excitement and sense of 80’s nostalgia, this movie stands the test of time, and continues to be one of my all time favorite action flicks, even three decades after it’s original release.

Die Hard (1988) Design

DIE HARD – A nice balance of clever, raw and well-constructed action – combined with solid thrills and impressive directing. The enigmatic death match between Alan Rickman and Bruce Willis remains unmatched in the sequels. So, here’s my design tribute. Also, let’s not forget that this film gave us the single most memorable line in…