Mumbai: Twenty Million Heartbeats

Hey Mumbai. 
It’s been almost 22 years.
I know we don’t see each other quite often these days. I know I only get a handful number of days a year to spend with you, but guess what – nothing’s changed. I still love sitting for hours on Marine Drive and just peacefully taking trips down memory lane, having morning Brun Maskas at all Irani Cafés in the vicinity, having my Maharashtra-style Pav Bhaji served within minutes, roaming around Kala Ghoda wandering through the maze of art exhibits and local attractions there and of course, having my regular at the Bombay Gymkhana club. Perhaps just tip of the iceberg, all these!
I love catching Local trains to random places, even though I don’t have to – just to get that unique glimpse into the daily lives of fellow Mumbaikars.
I love the rains, the familiar monsoon winds – the romantic feeling they bring, probably remains unmatched.
Because this city gave me my first love, my first heartbreak, my inspiration to write.
Because Mumbai is not just a feeling, it’s a bond that sticks.
It’s not something that can be explained unless you’ve experienced its sheer magnificence for yourself.
Because here, I don’t wait for something amazing to happen – it just does!

P. Prabhakar

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