“The Robin”


I always believed that life was an amalgam of millions of crazy little moments. Those long walks, the late night chat sessions, that first candlelit dinner, those cheesy melodramatic gestures, the old school love letters, the first kiss & the subsequent sweet slide into utter mindlessness, and of course – the first midnight dance in the moonlight. All small pieces of one big puzzle that you’re just standing too close to, to be able to see the big picture that’s forming right in front of your eyes. Sounds like everything a cheesy hopeless romantic would say, right? Feel like going “bleh” yet?

You know, it’s almost funny – but somewhere between a Blue French Horn and a Yellow Umbrella, half the world fell in love with a hopeless romantic over a decade ago. (Emphasis on the “half”) Some people never really understood why our favourite New York architect kept coming back to his “Robin” for a major chunk of his thirties – some just thought it’s sad & clingy. But the ones who did, knew that almost every other guy in the world has a “Robin” in his life. For me though, Robin was never a person, she was a concept – someone who is probably not the most perfect match in the world for you, and yet somehow – it clicks. It always bloody clicks! It might start with the very first glance, or it may take it’s own sweet time to evolve, but you always know there’s something there – something that you just can’t explain in words, a connection that just renders you speechless every single time you think about it.

So are you supposed to end up with your Robin? Well, not necessarily. But you do know that she’s that one person you’d probably always want to go back to – the one you put up on that pedestal. Maybe that feeling’s never really going to go away – you desperately want to be her sunshine when her life seems like a sky full of grey clouds. Even if you’re with someone else, you always question your dynamic. Because even when you’re perfect and whole, you’re always going to wonder about the “What if” of it all. What if things had actually worked out? What if you had the balls to ask her out sooner? What if you had mustered up the courage to just let go of everything else and simply danced with her that night when she was looking so gorgeous in that stunning black dress? And in these “What if” situations, you always have two options, right? Going right, where absolutely nothing’s left or going left, where you know absolutely nothing’s right – either way, you know you’re losing – but somehow that all becomes a part of the crazy ride.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why I’m justifying the likes of a hopeless romantic such as Mr. Mosby with my artwork, and how the two things are even related. Well, A: I’m not. And B: If you still have that question in your head, then we’re probably not on the same page. Hell, we may be chapters apart, or may not even be part of the same book. Regardless, I do appreciate your time. A certain quote from a modern cult classic comes to my mind – “We all accept the love we think we deserve.”  Well, it seldom made sense to me back in the day, but it kinda does now. Funny, how perceptions of certain things change over time.

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