Digital Painting: Mumbai, on the other side.


On the other side of those tinted glass windows of my car, stood a boy who grew up on the pavement. I’d be sitting in my car while he’d knock from the other side every single day, and in my mind I would end up forming a picaresque tale about this young man’s escapades since birth. I could always ask him, you know – how his life has been all these years, what circumstances led his life to be the way it was – but I trust my evocative imagination to paint a more enthralling picture. We have a relationship, an understanding of sorts – me & this young boy – we’ve never shared a conversation, but I know he’s painted an image of me in his head as well, just like I did. Because everyday when he drops by now, he doesn’t expect any money – he simply smiles, waves at me and walks away. I usually wave back – and then we both go on with our lives, for this city moves at lightning speed and it has a story to tell for every single person. Whether you care to lend your ears or your imagination, is the choice that stays with you. 

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