Manipal Tribute Series.

Having just passed out of Manipal Institute of Technology, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia. No more leaky rickshaw rides in the Manipal rains, no more running around to your favourite hangout spots with your chums, no more Saturday night crazy acts, no more secretly snacking with your peeps amidst lectures in AB5. And in that one epiphany, my Manipal college life had officially parted ways with me for good. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t bring the best aspects of my life there with me wherever I go. So here goes – a series of digital paintings signifying the most mesmerising things on campus. This, is my Manipal Tribute Series (Digital Paintings)

The Academic Area.


From first year orientation, the tests, the classes all the way to the very last running around session to get your documents all sorted out for one last time before you bid the university farewell – all the action happens at this very place. Not to forget – sitting down with your chums at the stairs of the Innovation Centre and letting the monsoon breeze do it’s magic.


The Quadrangle


One word – Revels. Farhan Akhtar’s Ground Zero in March 2016, or the Local Train’s amazing performance in 2016 & 2017 – The quadrangle has always been one of the most memorable buildings in campus. Taking a walk barefoot in the MIT Quadrangle, and experiencing those early morning dew drops is just something you really don’t want to miss while you’re still around in Manipal.


The D-Block to Boy’s Hostel Slope


We all know this spot – at least all guys definitely do. The perfect place to start riding your bicycle beside the D-blocks and going all the way down the “junior blocks” valley in one crazy go! A big shout out to Kashish Grover, I used one of his old photographs as inspiration while making this one!


The Saplings & “Un-sanskaarik” Road behind IC


Here I just wanted to show our honourable Director, Dr. G.K Prabhu peacefully standing amidst a million raindrops, looking at how far his institution has come, especially in recent years. It has indeed, and if these last few years are any indication at all, we’re gonna go a long way in the coming years as well.


VGT (VenuGopal Temple)


Although I did not frequent around this place except during some festivals, I know this architectural marvel holds a very important place in every other Manipalite’s heart. You wouldn’t believe the number of people you’d find here, especially during the exam season!


Kamath Circle Rains (Towards Block V)


Listening to the sound of those rain drops blissfully hitting the KC pedestal was an experience in itself. Some places will always bring back memories, and Kamath Circle will always hit the top of that list.


Kamath Circle, My Sketch to Digital Painting.


You’ve already seen my original Kamath Circle sketch. (It’s in the Art|Designs category under a “Sketch” name & number) When it was almost a year after I made that sketch, which was put on countless T-shirts and went viral on many platforms, I decided to give it a digital painting twist. Felt like completing the circle, in a way. Get it? Get it?


Kaup Beach


Kaup Beach, Manipal – For the times when you truly want to embrace your solitude & enjoy the endless summer. Year one to year four, a semester almost feels incomplete without an outing at Kaup with your pals. If you’re a Manipalite who’s still unfamiliar with this iconic place, you really need to get yourself at this beach, no kidding.


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