Manipal Comic Series.

The thing about nostalgia – it keeps taking you back to whatever you’re missing so deeply in ways you can’t imagine. Here’s a slight comic take on the various situations that Manipalites are used to facing every now and then. It is an ongoing series, so I’ll keep adding more comics from time to time.

The DeeTee Guy


Manipal’s famous drinking temple, DeeTee is the most popular hangout spot in the student town on weekends. And there just has to be one person you’ll spot who always goes overboard beyond his/her modest capacity. Yep, way too much nostalgia for Saturday nights at DeeTee. Oh, and not to mention – the town’s wild obsession with Old Monk.


Pubs Shutdown (Highway Liquor Rule)


DeeTee, HideOut, T-Spirits, Zeal Rooftop, Hakuna Matata – all were victims of the Highway Liquor Ban rule imposed by the government. It goes without saying that Manipalites were in a state of shock, their hopes resting on the fact that their favourite pubs & hangout bars would find a way around the “brutal for them” safety law being imposed.


Hostel Room OCD.


Always happens. Too frickin’ relatable, especially those scribbles on the left wall, if you look closely enough. Kind of an inside joke – “Bas koi aake raid na maarde!”

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