Deadpool: Manipal Chronicles

Once I was sitting with our honourable college director, Dr. G.K Prabhu for a casual chat in his office, and he asked me something that a lot of people had been pestering me to find out. How did I come up with the idea for this rather crazy series, and why did I chose a character like Deadpool at the helm of it?  For those who do not know, Deadpool: Manipal Chronicles is a series which reimagines Deadpool as a Manipal student, in some sort of an alternate universe. This Facebook page with hardly any publicity, except the occasional sharing of posts on a group swept past a 1000 followers within the first five days of its existance.

Here’s a fundamental idea – Deadpool, in a very crazy way represented a path to let out the frustration & tantrums of everyday Manipalites in a free, yet snarky way. I initially thought of running it anonymously, but it wouldn’t take anyone long to figure out that there was just one person crazy enough to start something like this, and that was anyways bound to lead back to me. So I didn’t exactly shy away from sharing the posts on social media platforms. What I did not anticipate, however, was the extent of how viral it would become – and I was in a state of shock when each post was getting a reach of close to 30,000 people despite hardly having a couple hundred followers in the initial days.

Starting off with the Yearbook photograph debacle, I made Deadpool an outlet for the opinions I personally had for certain things that were happening at the time. It was a fun, yet critical way to representing an opinion.


Alright then, let’s have a look at this series from the very beginning.


It’s Rhythm: The Revels T-shirt Debacle


Yeah, the Revels T-shirts got messed up in 2017 – mostly due to the word “Rhythm” being spelt wrong in two different ways, both in the front as well as the back of the T-shirt.


Yearbook Photograph Debacle


Dafuq?! “Deadpool licking Deadpool”?!
That’s literally the last thing I needed to see today. Well that, and a video of Andrew Garfield touching himself.
Actually, I’ll take this happily over the latter!




I’m telling you – Stan Lee is behind this! And I’m not gonna rest until I wipe that stupid smirk off his goddamn face!
#websis #attendance


Maid Cafe


Ah, I always had “french” preferences anyways. 😉
Manga and Anime Club, MIT & Burning Ice – organisers of MAID Cafe, I’m sure you guys would approve. 😉
#FrenchMaid #MaidCafe


“CurioCity” killed the cat.


“CurioCity killed the cat, yet again!” Here’s a big shout out to ma’ peeps from CurioCity club who recently got featured in the Bangalore Mirror for their brilliant efforts in training Govt. school kids in drama to hone their English skills. Do check ’em out! 
(Wow, literally wrote nothing offensive, I’m proud of myself 😛)

P.S I thought it was Stan Lee’s cat.
PPS Cat lovers gonna hate me now! Their loss. 


Director, Dr. G.K Prabhu’s dance on “Shape of You”


Just don’t ask me about the first 127! Also, guess who’s shape I’m lovin’ right now! 😉 He’s so gonna be my date for this year’s prom! xD
#shapeofYou #GKP


The Kamath Circle Sketch


If only that imbecile web-swinger stopped resisting so much! Stupid whiner. -_-
#KCsketch #theYellowUmbrella


Baahubali 2 Karnataka Ban Announcement.


Now that’s a real damn shame! I’m not gonna wait for friends in other states to call me just to spoil the “Kattappa Ne Baahubali ko Kyun Maara” cliffhanger. 
#Baahubali2 #KarnatakaBan


The University Welcomes the CEO


Goals. Mark my words, this is gonna happen really soon. 😉

Ah, I really loved my puns back then. xD


Maths & Make-ups


I have a feeling this thing’s gonna drag more than the Fast & Furious franchise. Sigh. 😐

Too frickin’ relatable, yes? xD


Sessionals Pattern switch.


Haha, way too many people messed up their preparations when the traditional Sat-Mon-Tue sessional pattern was randomly switched to a Fri-Sat-Mon exam pattern.


The AIB Post Response


Lol, offense lene ki to baat hi nahi thi. Hum apni aukaat bahot achche se jaante hai, AIBwalon – chaahe kitne bhi post banalo!
#TanmayBhat #AIB #LataMangeshkar

This one naturally went crazy viral, and while it might have been in response to the controversial Manipal-Sharda-LPU post AIB put up & later deleted, I’m sure Lata Mangeshkar would be quite proud to see this post. Also, GOT reference.


Waiting outside the 13th Block.


Ladies, even Francis didn’t make me wait that long. 😉
P.S Wonder why I’d resemble that f***** Mallya in exactly “69 years” – oh, wait – don’t answer that. xD
PPS I don’t really age. Kbai.
#Waiting #13thBlock


Invigilators & Second base. (Kabhi Aao Haveli)


Dedicated to some of those lovely invigilators who love to go second base on students unnecessarily. Sahi mein, kisi din aao haveli. -_-
#Exams #AaoKabhiHaveli


Best of luck, MRM.


Utah is really hot right now. MRM’s here to make it a hell lot hotter! 😉

Wishing the entire team of Mars Rover Manipal – MRM the very best for University Rover Challenge (URC 2017) scheduled to take place in Utah, USA between 1st-3rd June. They’re already the second highest scorers around the globe in the Critical Design Review Package of URC ’17 edition. Hoping to see these peeps win the challenge this time! #MRM #URC17


Hostel Allotment Messed up


A great man once said – “Earlier, having swag in campus usually meant owning a bike or having a girlfriend, and now it’s just about landing a room in the 14th or 15th Block!”
Happy Hostel Allotment day, peeps! xD


Make-ups Experience


Make-up exams: The difference between amateurs & pros. At some point, Papa bhi ummeed chor hi dete hain, lol. xD



When your engineering studies are heading nowhere, but the GRE prep is on point! Shashi Tharoor would be proud. xD
#exasperatingfarrago #Tharoor



Here’s a big shout out to the upcoming TechTatva ’17. 
And here’s to Deadpool, trying to realise fiction & “friction” simultaneously. 🤣
#SpideyFinallyGotSomeAction #TechTatva




Remember that time when MIT decided to go digital with the Yearbooks and decided to come up with this insanely new idea of now handing you a Pendrive Yearbook because they were, and I quote – going “Digital AF!”? Yeah, the batch of 2018 knows. 😛



To the kickass group of people who keep the fest enthralling throughout – be it by covering your favourite events, getting those awesome newsletters made or simply clicking your “fake candid” dps. From the Social Media & Photography Videography categories of TechTatva, MIT Manipal, to The MIT PostManipal The Talk Network & MIT Live – Here’s to a fun Techtatva ’17 these coming few days!
P.S Don’t remember the last time all those logos were seen together in a single pic. Now that’s “realising fiction.” 😂
#TechTatva17 #RealisingFiction



Trust me, the folks at Red-X Manipal absolutely didn’t pay me a dime for this convenient shout-out. *wink* *wink*
See you all at Sunburn Manipal: 20th Jan, MIT Hockey Grounds, Manipal. You know where to get all your tickets. 


And last but not the least –


Ah, Dr. GKP – he’s such a sweetheart! Stole his iPhone right after that selfie. 😛


Deadpool: Manipal Chronicles Will Return.




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