Campus Faces Manipal: Digital Paintings

As most of you know, I started my #CampusFacesManipal series a few weeks back, where I started making digital paintings of people around the campus – be it students, faculty or alumni – to work on my graphic art skills. It’s been going great so far, and I’m still taking requests. Do like/follow my page P. Prabhakar and drop me a message, and I’ll definitely be making you a digital painting of yourself (it might take some time, but you’ll definitely get one!) – oh, and it’s open for everyone – stranger or acquainted!

Before you start checking out the paintings in this series, do check out this speed preview of how I actually make these in the first place.

The series was important, because it helped me develop my digital painting skills in a faster & efficient way, simply by practicing. It goes without saying that as my techniques changed, I got a better grasp over the painting mechanism. So here goes –


Sujay Gupta


Sujay Gupta #CampusFacesManipal
Well, what better face to start this series with? 
Yeh ladka Social Media ka naam roshan karega. 
Khush ho jao. xD


Harshini Krishna


Harshini Krishna #CampusFacesManipal
Well, here you go Madame Vice President of the Student Council. Didn’t I tell you – I’m pretty damn quick when it comes to these! 


Altaf Ibraham


Althaf Ibrahim #CampusFacesManipal
Hope this guy never runs out of his “Cricket commentary” wale comments on everyone’s friendship status updates. 
Mr. Vice President, Student Council.
Ladka bilkul sahi “disha” mein jaa raha hai! xD


Moinak Mukherjee


Moinak Mukherjee  #CampusFacesManipal
If you know this guy at all, you’d hardly see him smile like this at any point of time, lol. And still he’s one the most fun people on campus! Chords & Co, The Think Tank & what not – this guy is a crazy “kaide-waala-workaholic”, and a lover of all things bong! xD
Itni tareef suni hai kabhi apni? xD


Deepanwita Roy


Deepanwita Roy #CampusFacesManipal
Well, this sweet, chubby woman is probably one of the most creative souls on campus, and I still remember the first time I went through something she wrote:-

“For you son, the sky is the limit!”, said a proud father.
“But I want to be an astronaut, daddy!”, blurted out the 8 year old.

Looking forward to being entertained by more such pieces, as well as your “sometimes appreciable/sometimes nasty” comments on my pictures. Regards, the “Maybelline Guy”! 


Mayank Agarwal


Mayank Agarwal #CampusFacesManipal

Mr. Joint General Secretary of the Student Council has his own way of getting things done. Take this painting for example – kitne baar bola hoga banane ke liye, lol. Priorities hai, but aap ho abhi bhi top pe.  Seriously though, he’s like my younger brother on campus, probably one of the best guys you’ll meet. Do ask him for the “Curiosity killed the Cat” story though, you’ll be entertained! 


Meghana Dharmapuri


Meghana Dharmapuri #CampusFacesManipal

Easily one of the most creative souls in Manipal, this woman!
Poetry, MIT Post and what not! 
Here you go – a digital painting, just as promised. Hopefully I didn’t mess it up too much! xD
Cheers, mademoiselle! I had a lot of fun making this one.


Agnihotra Bhattacharya


Agnihotra Bhattacharya #CampusFacesManipal

One hell of a writer, a crazy designer & a Bong – now that’s a deadly amalgam of all three packed into the exterior of MTTN’s new Editor-In-Chief, Mr. Agnihotra Bhattacharya. One person who does not shy away from trying to prove himself from time to time, and proved himself he definitely has! 

P.S I really wanted to crack some “fire-agni” jokes, but I’ll rather let ’em slide for now. 


Peeyush Chauhan


Peeyush Chauhan #CampusFacesManipal

Other than the fact that he’s a brilliant creative writer, this poor guy has to constantly bear the burden of not knowing whether girls constantly stare at him because they find him cute, or are freaked out seeing how tall he is. You think you’re having an awesomosa time having hit the 6 feet mark? Try standing next to him, and you’ll have hobbit feels – speaking from personal experience. xD

Hello there Peeyushee, try losing a few inches, will ya? Wait no – that just sounds wrong! xD
Cheers, man. Glad to have known you. 



Nabilah Husain


Nabilah Husain #CampusFacesManipal

Mademoiselle writer, you got digitally painted! I’m pretty sure my sense of humour is going to keep eluding this lady for the years to come, but that’s okay. Every now and then, we need someone who makes us question ourselves, has countless arguments with us, and still is one of the most interesting people to have a conversation with. For me, that person is this woman – and at this point, I actually like losing a few arguments here and there just to keep coming back for more.
Cheers, Miss Husain! xD

P.S I loved this picture, I know the painting may not be that good – but hey, I get points for trying! 


Prattusha Mukhopadhyay


Prattusha Mukhopadhyay #CampusFacesManipal

And the last digital stroke came at midnight.
2nd June, 2017 – her birthday! She’s a writer too, and pretty darn good one at that – and she’s also one of my closest friends on campus. MTTN’s newest Managing Editor, Miss Mukhopadhyay! 


Priyansha Mishra


Priyansha Mishra #CampusFacesManipal

It rarely happens that I run out of words while trying to write about someone. From elevating the music scene in Manipal to new levels, all the way to being one of the most inspiring young figures in every place she has worked or been, Miss Mishra really doesn’t need an introduction around the place. I’m fortunate enough to say that this lady has been a huge part of my life. And anyone who ever said “Angels don’t exist” probably never had a chance to meet this one. (Cheesy, much?) Here’s to one of the most talented people I’ve ever seen – Also, don’t kill me if you don’t like the painting, I just had a black & white picture for reference, lol. 


Rishabh Drolia


Rishabh Drolia #CampusFacesManipal

You know what they say – better late than never. Presenting the Social Media Coordinator of Revels 2017, Mr. Drolia. 
One could argue that there’s way too much SM swag around my page, lol. xD


Nisha Narayanan

Nisha Narayanan #CampusFacesManipal

Well, well – I know you had almost given up hope that this painting would ever see the light of day, and yet here we are! To Miss Narayanan, who probably has one of the best smiles around campus, and I’m just glad it’s visible in this artwork. 

P.S I hope this is close enough. xD


Nishant Sahoo


Nishant Sahoo #CampusFacesManipal

When I first met him, he struck me as that funny, cute kid everyone finds really adorable. It took me a while to see his “rowdy crazy” side while he worked alongside me in MTTN, and for more than a year – this young chap baffled me with his crazy work ethic & commitment. I’ll miss those late night sessions where he’d drop by my room to jam, sing along or simply discuss our day to day lives – yup, definitely a fun neighbor to have! Recently appointed Creative Deputy Photography Head of MTTN, I know this man is surely going places – it’s just a pleasure to have had him as a friend & a brother for the time we knew each other in Manipal, and also for the years to come. Cheers, Mr. Sahoo!



Subendu Suman


Subendu Suman #CampusFacesManipal

Better late than never, right? xD
Carried the SM tag for four full semesters, this one. If I had a nickel for every time some junior said “Hey, you took my interview in XYZ club/organization, remember?” – I’d surely be a millionaire by now. Not so surprisingly, Subendu’s on that list too. Love the enthusiasm you have for the places you work in, man. Keep it going, cheers! 
P.S Hope the painting’s decent enough. 



Priyanjali Roychoudhury


Priyanjali Roychoudhury #CampusFacesManipal

I know, I know. I delayed your sketch for over a year – I hope this one makes up for that. To the chubbiest, bubbliest and shortest (ahem!) kickass writer that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Talent to nas-nas mein bhara hai its ladki ke, be it sketching, writing or giving someone a full fletched BT in their birthday video (Ahem again. xD). Now put a smile on that chubby bhukkar wala face. 

P.S Out of sheer curiosity, despite the fact that I’m 6 ft tall, jab Peeyush mere side mein khada hota hai to mujhe full inferiority complex hojata hai – jab tumhare side mein khada hota hai, don’t you feel like jumping off a bridge or something? xD


Paul Nandadeep


Paul Nandadeep #CampusFacesManipal

If there was to be a list of the most talented photographers to have walked through those Manipal gates, there ain’t a shred of doubt in my mind that Paulie would surely be on it. The guy has the ability to make every one of shots so mesmerizing & magical, that it’ll require some real effort to take your eyes off them. An automobile nerd (not the academic kind!), one of the best sketch artists I’ve seen, and a genuinely nice chap – Paul Nandadeep is one of those people I’m really glad I had the pleasure of meeting in this life time. Really missing those frequent “Aur Prakhar Bhaiya, kaise ho?” statements these days.


Nakul Shetty


Nakul Shetty #CampusFacesManipal

At the very end of my four years in Manipal, specifically in the last couple of hours before I caught my train home around midnight for one last time – I decided to visit one of my favorite places in town whilst carrying all my luggage with me. It was Anupam, Nakul sir’s very own restaurant that had made a name for itself this past year for serving one of Manipal’s best Chicken Ghee Roast dishes. But I didn’t go there just for the Ghee Roast – I went there because I’d prefer spending my last few hours in Manipal listening to another one of his crazy college life stories that always gets me cracking. That’s the thing about the place – I never went there just for the food, I went there because this man made my meals a hell lot more fun by retelling his experiences.

Now that I look back at my time in Manipal spent trying to struggle with my ECE curriculum, I sense the presence of a very strong silver lining. Mr. Nakul Shetty, my 8th semester project guide, the person who guided me during my orientation four years back, the teacher who made those lab sessions fun, the person who backed me while I didn’t have confidence in my technical skills all the way to the point where I was able to present a paper in an IEEE international conference. Oh, and one who doesn’t shy away from sarcastic comments & Star Wars references, embarrassing me regarding my rather prominent company of females & storing vintage comic book collections in his office.

It goes without saying that I’ll miss every one of those things, alongside the man who made my engineering life far more interesting than it would have been otherwise. Someday down the line, I’ll randomly drop by Anupam again for my regular – the Neer Dosa|Chicken Ghee Roast meal, alongside a casual chat with Mr. Nakul Shetty. Hopefully, we’ll both have ample adventures to discuss over the meal, by the time. 

Yours truly,
The “Pig Sniffer”


Arif Ahmed


Arif Ahmad #CampusFacesManipal

A brilliant graphic designer, a fellow ECE survivor & an amazing learner. He doesn’t know this, but I probably would’ve never picked up graphic designing if it wasn’t for Arif. When I posted my first amateur artwork on social media, he shot me a message saying “Can you please send me the PSD, I wanna learn this too.” I had no confidence in my graphic work back then, and for some reason that one message depicting that a junior who’d probably been designing for a longer period wanted to pick up a few things from me really made an impact. It’s funny how having someone look up to you boosts your spirits. I learnt a lot from Arif too, and I can say without a shred of doubt that he’s one of the best people I met during my time in Manipal. Until next time. 



Rohan Agarwal (Fotuwala)


Rohan Agarwal  #CampusFacesManipal

Can’t emphasise this enough but Fotu is easily one of the most impressive & talented photographers I’ve had the good fortune of meeting here, who just got done with his sophomore year of Electronics & Communication engineering at Manipal. Yup, he’s a fellow ECE survivor, and a real smartass whose expert photography skills inspired me to go behind the lens myself. Cheers, Fotu. 


Dr. G.K Prabhu


Dr. Gopalakrishna Prabhu #CampusFacesManipal

Because my Campus Faces album felt a little incomplete without a digital painting of our honorable Director sir, who’s been unofficially proclaimed the “Gandalf of Manipal” countless times by now. 
P.S I’m still taking requests for similar digital paintings and it’s open for everyone, so if you want one of yourself made – just follow/like the page & shoot me a message. I’ll get back to you soon. 


Sara Joseph


Sara Joseph #CampusFacesManipal

Voici, mademoiselle! Had a lot of fun making this one, and I’m really running out of things to say in French at this point! 
Here’s to clean slates, the “wonders” of CSE engineering & old Malayalam songs. Cheers! xD

P.S I was almost sure I’d have to post the original reference picture here just to show that I wasn’t that far off! 


Subro Biswas


Subhro Biswas #CampusFacesManipal

One of the most talented people in Manipal, this Bong guy is! Just entered his sophomore year, and even if you don’t count his musical talents (which are literally amazing, by the way) – you’d be surprised to see how well & quickly this guy picked up designing and graphic art – and could easily give so many people a run for their money! Should’ve taken his autograph before I left Manipal, damn! 


Rhea Mendhekar


Rhea Mendhekar #CampusFacesManipal

One of the most promising young singers in Manipal, an amazing writer & one of the founding members of Chords & Co. If you haven’t followed this lady’s performances in Sunday Acoustic Afternoons & Utsav ’17 musical events, then you’ve definitely missed out on a lot! Now entering her third year at MIT, Manipal – Miss Rhea/Srishti Mendhekar (Yup, she uses both those names) is definitely one of the most fun people to hang around with on campus! Rhea, here’s to catching up with you in Manipal again, somewhere down the line. Cheers! 



Suvaleena Paul


Suvaleena Paul #CampusFacesManipal

It’s really amazing, how some people have such a respectable reputation for their extreme dedication & work ethic, that word easily travels. Suvaleena Paul, madame photographer & Chemical batch CR is one of those rare people in the MIT Campus. I can’t even begin to start listing her achievements & positions – she’s definitely a marvel there. Also, nowadays when I get a string of notifications on my FB newsfeed, I know that it’s probably her who’s shared something – I’m glad that someone is there to keep us pass outs attached to all the happenings in campus we all know & love. Also, I know you’ve been waiting for this digital painting for quite some time, so here goes! 


Sushrut Devasthali


Sushrut Devasthali #CampusFacesManipal

Presenting the Joint Sports Secretary of the MIT Student Council, Mr. Sushrut Devasthali. I know I made you wait long enough for this, but it technically was too much gallantness to incorporate in a single digital painting. (xD) – Hope it was worth the wait.  



Myria Mathew


Myria Mathew #CampusFacesManipal

Miss Mathew here is easily one of the most talented photographers you’ll find around in Manipal and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her work behind the lens for MTTN. This pretty lady just got done with her sophomore year at FOA, and you can follow her amazing work at Myria Mathew Photography.







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